Meet our Faculty

Karthik Anantharaman – Bacteriology

Microbial metabolism, microbial communities, and biogeochemical cycling.


Annie Bauer – Geoscience

Geochronology, isotopic geochemistry, and tectonics & biogeochemical cycling coevolution.


David Baum – Botany

Origins of life, autocatalytic cycles, life-like chemical ensembles, and evolution.


Judith Burstyn – Chemistry

Metal center gas sensing, coordination chemistry, and protein conformational changes.


Michael Cox – Biochemistry

DNA recombination repair in vivo and in vitro, enzymes, DNA metabolism.


Gheorghe Craciun – Mathematics

Mathematical and computational methods for understanding dynamical properties of biochemical networks.


Ankur Desai – Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences

Short and long-term land and atmosphere interactions.


Elena D’Onghia – Astronomy

Dynamical processes that form our galaxy’s stellar skeleton.


Katrina Forest – Bacteriology

X-ray crystallography, molecular-level biological interactions, type IV pili and bacteriophytochromes.



Betül Kaçar – Bacteriology

Origins of cellular life, coevolution of life and environment, and study of extinct & extant life via experimental and computational systems.

Samuel Gellman – Chemistry

Microbial metabolism and communities, evolutionary ecology, human health and global ecosystem dynamics predictions.


Pupa Gilbert – Physics

Mechanisms, structure, and chemistry of biomineralization.


Simon Gilroy – Botany

Plant environment responses, molecular biology, abiotic stress, spaceflight environment.


Chris Hittinger – Genetics

Yeast carbon metabolism, bioenergy, biomedicine, and evolutionary research.


Tristan L’Ecuyer – Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences

Satellite observations, numerical modeling, climate system and prediction.


Sanjay Limaye – Space Science & Engineering Center

Solar system exploration, atmospheres of planets, weather on planets


Hiroshi Maeda – Botany

Organization and regulatory mechanisms of the plant shikimate and aromatic amino acid pathways.


Patrick Masson – Genetics

Molecular genetics, Arabidopsis thaliana, root growth and environment interactions.

Katherine McMahon – Civil and Environmental Engineering

Prediction and modeling of microbial behavior, microbial ecology, and engineering applications.


Nicole Perna – Genetics

Molecular evolution, Enterobacteriaceae, virulence and host range.


Eric E. Roden – Geoscience

Biogeochemistry of aquatic environments & microbial metabolism.


Elliott Sober – Philosophy

Philosophy of science and philosophy of evolutionary biology.


Michael Sussman – Biochemistry

Environmental responses of Arabidopsis thaliana, signaling proteins, and mass spectrometric-based quantitative phosphoproteomics.


Susanna Widicus Weaver – Vozza Professor of Chemistry and Astronomy

Prebiotic astrochemistry, laboratory spectroscopy, observational astronomy, and chemical modeling.


John Yin – Chemical & Biological Engineering

Peptide de novo synthesis, prebiotic origins of information processing, and target-guided combinatorial chemistries.


Tehshik Yoon – Chemistry

Synthetic organic chemistry, organic photochemistry, radical chemistry, and stereoselective synthesis.


Ke (Coco) Zhang – Astronomy

Protoplanteray discs, simulation models, formation of planetary systems, and habitability.